Best Place to Watch Wimbledon

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The Fisher Island tennis facilities are quite possibly the finest in South Florida. This attracts some of the most passionate tennis players and fans to make Fisher Island their home. Events like these offer the perfect time for residents to mingle and cheer for their favorite players.

Summer Updates on Fisher Island

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The July 4th celebration marks the official start of summer for many. As the summer season sets in we all know that many Fisher Island residents are traveling outside of Florida. This change of pace also ushers in a new summer schedule for various amenities on the Island. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the changes to expect during the summer season of Fisher Island.

Porto Cervo
Closed July 19 – August 31
(Porto Cervo will be open 7 days/week while Garwood and City View are closed)

Garwood & City View
Closed September 1 – October 3
(Garwood and City View will be open 7 days/week while Porto Cervo is closed)

Snooker Club
Closed July 5 – October 3

Beach Club
Regular hours (August 1 – approximately mid-October: Breakfast and lunch service will be relocated to City View and the East Terrace due to the installation of protective Nana Walls around the Beach Clubpavilions)

La Trattoria
Regular hours (Closed Thursdays)

Golf Grill
Closed until October 12

*All opening and closing hours are subject to change.

July 4th Carnival on Fisher Island

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A fun filled day of great BBQ and rides for the little ones. A perfect way to tire out the kids before the the fireworks show gets started. Once again a fantastic event, especially serving all the children on Fisher Island.


“The only difference between men/women and boys/girls is the size of their toys.”


July 4th on Miami’s Fisher Island

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july 4th miami beach

Get ready to share good times on Fisher Island with family and friends. Events like this July 4th extravaganza is just one example of the fun lifestyle on Miami Beach’s private Island. Come check out Fisher Island, it’s the perfect place to call home.

There are many opportunities to visit Fisher Island at a short term rental in order to experience and appreciate all the benefits, especially if you’re considering buying real estate on Fisher Island.

Discover Secret Lives of the Super Rich

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CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Fisher Island Club from Kreps DeMaria PR & Marketing on Vimeo.

The allure of Fisher Island dives deep into America’s fascination with super rich and famous lifestyles. In an era where glitz and glamour are showcased across many reality television shows, the desire to taste the good life makes for great programming. Recently CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich featured Fisher Island. This video displays the ultimate luxury lifestyle and epic views of Miami, it’s a sneak peek into the most exclusive private Island in Miami Beach.

Do you still want more and ready to take the plunge? Island Leasing is ready to help you find the perfect short-term rental on Fisher Island for a summer vacation in Miami. Give us a call today and we’ll take care of the rest.

On Fisher Island the grass is not only greener, but the water is bluer too!


Boat Sinking at Fisher Island Marina

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Safety should always be the first priority when in the ocean, even if it’s around still waters. The Fisher Island marina is no stranger to handling all sorts of marine related incidents, especially boats taking on water – as seen in this photo taken over the weekend. It’s important that our Fisher Island community keep their eyes open around the marina and always report potentially dangerous things happening in and around the Fisher Island marina.

We are grateful and appreciative of all those keeping our marina safe and reacting as quickly as possible.

As far as we know, nobody was injured in this incident at the Fisher Island marina.

Fisher Island Construction into the Future

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fisher island construction

If you’re living or visiting Fisher Island then you’ve seen the construction, cranes, and new projects – it’s impossible to miss. The Palazzo Del Sol project is attracting new buyers and a lot of attention with its record breaking sales. It’s clear that Fisher Island is Miami’s most exclusive private destination and the more demand, means more construction. Pictured above are more concrete trucks entering Fisher Island to keep up with the action for future projects. One thing is for sure Fisher Island is ushering in a new era of Miami Beach private residences and community.

Seaside Villa sale generates over $2,700 per sqft

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The Fisher Island real estate market is the focus of some of the priciest sales of Miami property – this includes both sale prices and price per square foot. The Miami real estate market is constantly the subject of global economic news and many are taking notice. Earlier this month, the priciest condo sales were reported by The Real Deal. A Fisher Island Oceanside unit fetched “a whopping $2,461.00 per square foot.” Did you know that there are even properties passing the $2,600 mark?

The week in luxury: A map of Miami-Dade’s priciest condo sales

Last week’s top deal was a Fisher Island condo bought by a New York big-wig – April 04, 2016 03:30PM

“The week’s priciest deal by far was for an $11.3 million unit at the Oceanside condo complex on Fisher Island. Unit 7872, with its three bedrooms, three bathrooms and water views, fetched a whopping $2,461 per square foot.”

Around the same time this year Robert Volé Broker/Owner,, The Island Your Real Estate Company, represented the sellers of 15811 Fisher Island Drive in an off-market sale that amounted to $2,634.00 per square foot. This property was a 2/2 1670 sq. ft., and had a $4.4 purchase price. The total acquisition price, including equity, came to $2,784.00 per square foot. After discussing the sale with Volé he mentioned it was reminiscent of another off market Fisher Island sale he represented for 7143 Fisher Island Drive, just a couple of years ago at $14.2M or $2,021 per sq ft.

This can been seen on Zillow as well as in the public record.

For easier reference on the property appraiser website take a look at Folio # 30-4210-004-0430


Robert Volé, owner and broker of The Island Your Real Estate Company and Island Leasing.