2016 McLaren 650 Spider on Fisher Island

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The Fisher Island residents had the privilege of checking at the fastest and hottest sports cars on the market, this weekend. The 2016 McLaren 650 Spider was featured by The Collection and they offered an exclusive $75,000.00 savings for Fisher Island residents. That’s a nice discount, but considering the vehicle has a sticker price of over $300,000.00 it’s not a car meant for everyone. Fisher Island is one of the most exclusive communities in South Florida, The United States, and around the globe. This display by The Collection was truly remarkable and the Fisher Island residents greatly appreciated it.


These fine cars are the perfect compliment to the spectacular real estate available on Fisher Island. Whether you’re looking to purchase or lease real estate on Fisher Island, Island Leasing is your local resource for short term, long term and seasonal rentals on Fisher Island. There are numerous opportunities for luxurious and private locations on the Island, you’ll even have the perfect secured and covered parking for your fine automobile.


The Collection showcase is just another example of the lifestyle and opportunities available only on Fisher Island.

Palazzo Del Mare on Fisher Island

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A spectacular location at 10.8M hits the market or instead choose to vacation in one of many Fisher Island rentals available for short term, annual, or seasonal rentals.

A recent listing on Fisher Island at 5,000+ and 4 bedrooms boasts spectacular views and luxurious finishes.

What better way to enjoy the Fisher Island lifestyle than with a balcony hot tub, allowing residents the privilege to serenely view South Beach.

Take a look at the photos of entire spacious unit featured on Curbed.com

Oceanside Fisher Island – A Destination

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oceanside fisher island

Oceanside Fisher Island is the perfect destination to relocate in Miami. This annual lease is a perfect match for those looking for a spacious 2700+sqft 2/2.5 unit. The beachfront views are spectacular and will be a daily reminder of the majesty of Fisher Island.

Connect with Island Leasing for all your Fisher Island rental needs, our team has the experience to offer you a luxurious stay on the Island.

Migrants spotted off Fisher Island

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Fisher Island’s secluded location and relaxed atmosphere doesn’t mean there isn’t ever any excitement. Recently, the US Coast Guard and Border Patrol captured a group of migrants that supposedly used a Donzi speedboat (they had to arrive in style, it’s Fisher Island). All kidding aside, this serious issue was quickly calmed when the authorities captured, cuffed, and removed them from the Island.

Read the entire article on CBS Local.

The New Palazzo del Sol Fisher Island

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The mystic of Fisher Island as the most exclusive location in Miami is welcoming Palazzo del Sol. This new chapter of development on Fisher Island is attracting the wealthiest around the world and demanding some of the highest prices per square foot in South Florida. A visit to the Island and newbies will immediately recognize the luxurious environment that Fisher Island offers. The combination of signature designs, private spa, restaurants, golf course, tennis club, marina, and countless other amenities make this a one of a kind place to live – of course being a private island accessible only by ferry adds to the allure.

Interested in visiting Fisher Island Palazzo del Sol and to learn more about the rentals on Fisher Island contact Island Leasing today.

Labor Day Weekend Fisher Island

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Labor Day Weekend is approaching and as it marks the close of summer coming to an end, many students return to school. Now, it’s time to take just one more break before jumping back into the working routine at the office or in school. This is a perfect weekend to remember that all work and no play is just not the best way to optimize time. Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to spend with family, friends, and to just relax.


Fisher Island is the ideal place to spend your Labor Day weekend in Miami. Enjoy the best views, relaxing atmosphere, delicious BBQ and so much more.

Just hope it doesn’t rain! Stay Dry!

Looking for the perfect place to stay this Labor Day weekend in Miami. Connect with us at Island Leasing and we’ll be glad to help.

Miami Beach Airbnb, Short Term Rental, Fines

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Fisher Island owners beware! Connect with us at Island Leasing to help review if your property is under the City of Miami Beach city code ordinance, so that you can avoid violations for short term rentals.

Recently, it was announced that the City of Miami Beach has drastically increased fines for short term rentals of prohibited properties such as single family homes and other zoning districts. It has been reported that these fines start at $20,000 for first-time violators, then double, and then triple for continued violations. This is a stark difference from previous fines starting at $500 and topping off at $7,500. Clearly the impact of Airbnb and the high demand for ultra luxury private vacation homes in Miami Beach have taken too much hotel business, somebody took notice.

For example:

“Reed Zaroff, a veterinarian and real estate investor, owns the five-bedroom, 3,588-square-foot house at 244 West Rivo Alto Drive. Zaroff has been fined repeatedly by the city for illegally renting out his waterfront home: on May 21 for $20,000, June 15 for $60,000 and June 16 for $80,000. Jamey Kolka, CEO of the luxury vacation rental company SoBeautiful Lifestyle, was also fined $60,000 in June. His company was also fined $20,000 in May for the same home.” Read full article published on The Real Deal – Miami Beach fined short-term rentals $1.6M over the last five months

There have been many recent cases involving these types of violations, here’s a great overview of what’s happening on Belle Isle Key – Belle Isle Key fined $20,000 for short-term rentals

Fisher Island is one of the world’s most luxurious vacation rental areas off Miami Beach. Therefore, it’s vital to stay informed with new updates and changing fines that are shaping the balance between owners and tourists. Island Leasing aims at helping owners navigate through these issues and facilitating the best experience for both Fisher Island owners and visitors. Our experienced and informed group of real estate professionals is ready to help answer your questions.

Last Day of Kid Camp on Fisher Island

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Can you believe that the summer is almost over and school is around the corner! The kids loved the fun filled time on the water slide to celebrate the last day of summer camp. Despite saying goodbye to camp on Fisher Island, the kids had a blast and are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer.


fisher island camp water activity

Migrants believed to be smuggled on Island

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fisher island migrants alert

Early this morning, authorities were alerted because 16 migrants were supposedly smuggled onto Fisher Island. Apparently a speed boat was discovered near the area. The facts are being pieced together as various agencies are getting involved –¬†including the Border Patrol, Miami police, Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Read full article on local10.com